npcDevlog - June 2024

Hi and welcome to the first devlog from Jump On Studios. Every month, we'll provide a recap of our creations and achievements from the previous month. We promise to be more punctual than the Community Pulse from R* .😁

June has been an extremely productive month at Jump On Studios. We've been working hard to improve our tools and bring amazing new features to the RedM community. Here's a look at our standout achievements this month.

Jo Libraries: A Revolution for Developers

Jo libraries

We're super excited to announce the creation and release of our module library, Jo Libraries. Designed to help developers create scripts faster and more efficiently, this library removes many technical headaches.

You can check out and use Jo Libraries here: Jo Libraries on GitHub.

Even more exciting news: RSG has decided to integrate Jo Libraries natively into their framework (see the commit). This means that server owners using RSG can now enjoy the full power of Jo Libraries without having to add it manually.

Release of the Makeup Add-on for the Barber Script

Makeup RedM

We also launched a highly anticipated add-on for our barber script: makeup. This update, requested by the community for months, allowed us to deepen our knowledge of using textures in RedM, a complex and poorly documented area. Jo Libraries will now be a valuable tool for anyone looking to work with textures, whether for makeup, tattoos, and more.

Go to the addon

Frameworks Improvements and Skin Color Issues

During these developments, we identified issue in the frameworks regarding switching players' skin color. Currently, most frameworks modify the face texture instead of changing the head directly, which can lead to color inconsistencies when applying makeup. We've started to address these issues, and the pull requests (PR) for these updates are under review. We hope they will be approved in July.

Read the Documentation

Work Statistics

Github events

June has been a very intense month in terms of development, with 275 commits spread across 21 different repositories. This workload reflects our commitment to making our scripts as stable and reliable as possible. We constantly strive to improve the quality and performance of our scripts to offer the best user experience.

Plans for July

We have several exciting projects lined up for July:

  • Continue updating Jo Libraries to offer new features and improve stability.
  • Continue improving frameworks to resolve skin color management issues.
  • Add the "Creator" code to our website to facilitate community interaction and tool management.
  • Resume support ticket tracking to fix as many bugs as possible in our scripts. Our goal is to provide bug-free scripts for an optimal user experience.


June has been a month of significant achievements for Jump On Studios. The release of Jo Libraries, its integration by RSG, the launch of the makeup add-on, and our efforts to improve frameworks all showcase our commitment to delivering quality tools and supporting the RedM community. We are excited to see how these innovations will be used and the new possibilities they will bring.

Thank you for following our work. See you soon for more updates!